SuperSlug Ultimate 2D Action Mobile Game

SuperSlug Ultimate 2D Action Mobile Game
           Based from a legendary game. Now comes to mobile. Play as these brave soldiers. 
Armed with high-tech weaponry. Battle the great enemy from outer space which appeared alongside a giant meteorite. 
The enemies are physically strong and no man can hurt them and having an advanced weaponry
which constitutes a nightmare for human beings. So join us in our fight to protect mankind.

          Players can choose either of the two brave soldiers available. In order to fight against these enemies,
they have to search for equipment and weapons to develop their abilities.

Improve your weapons and equipment to increase your HP, attack power, and defense

Here's the basic player UI

Within the game there are different systems To facilitate the players more heavily.



          For new players, do not worry. The game also has a tutorial for players which can be accomplished easily.
And it won’t take long! I guarantee that even a novice can understand and play the game, for sure! 
There's also rewards for it! Share the news among your friends!